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Aluminum awnings

The fact they are attached to the buildings is an important advantage of the aluminum awnings

for the particular cases of some outdoor spaces. Thus, they are fixed on the walls, on existing pillers or under the roofs. We are able also to build new pillers where to attach awnings if there are requirements but this rarely happens. Another situation of smaller requirement when we use awnings is the combination with another retractable roofs to provide shade.

Our aluminum awnings gather all the features somebody could ask for his comfort. First of all the guaranteed protection. Then, they are retractable meaning they can be opened and closed whenever necessary. Roll the fabric and the awning will be closed, release it and the awning will be opened! This is done semi automatically by a crank or automatically by simply pressing a button. The second option is for the motorized awning. Think over opening and closing a cover in a few moments with a simple click! We brought our products into the new technology.

We speack at Litra about very high quality in all what we do, starting from every single piece to the final product. Moreover, we also chose the best materials on the market to satisfy the high standards of our clients.

Our retractable aluminum awnings will show you the way for less troubles. You can trust them with no doubt and will discover a more comfortable way of living.

Ask for them and the comfort takes over!

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Retractable Awnings

Litra produces retractable awnings nj for the New Jersey market.

New Jerseypeople need covers for their outdoor spaces and Litra comes to signal its brand presence with very high quality retractable awnings. We developed in years products with international patent that are unique inUSA through their performance.

Buildings are more and more improved with awnings because the climate causes trouble to people. Either you see them over a window, a balcony, a doorway, a veranda or even covering the outdoor dining of a restaurant, the awnings will accessorize the building with a matching design in an architectural assembly of a nice esthetic.  They will protect mainly from strong solar rays and secondary from low intensity rain.

When you see the colored fabrics in different patterns obliquely stretching over the outdoor spaces next to a building, you will recognize the awnings. They are supported by an aluminum frame and mounted on the building.

Litra will astonish with vivid colors and the great variety of patterns they offer. The places covered with our retractable awnings NJ will appear like sprightly spots from distance and will be more cheerful anyway you look. Under our retractable awnings you can quietly admire the natural surroundings undisturbed by the weather changes.

Source: http://www.specialawnings.com

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Pergola of LITRA

Litra produces pergola New York for the New York market.

We are going to unfold New York living moments with pergola folds. New York is asking for our pergola in its attempt to cover what is uncovered, to protect what is unprotected, to bring something new where is old as to create more comfortable living for houses and businesses. Pergola will answer the most sophisticated needs and desires for a more stylish place.

With its impressive architecture it will embrace your terrace, garden or other outdoor space with a new attitude, while solar rays, rain or wind are stopped to penetrate inside the protected space.

The retractable roof pergola’s colored folds from a special fabric are sequentially stretched over the outdoor space in a beautiful undetermined view of a presumed modern building with no walls but outdoor connection and airy space. This cover will protect you from the bad weather, ready to stimulate your esthetic senses with a perfect match between a building like structure and the nature around, in an arrangement realized by our designers. The cover can be tied up when the weather is fine to let the light completely delight the people and can be totally stretched to flat in the worst weather condition. Because the cover follows the line, pergola will be recognized among the other products of us with arched roofs.

The product is one you can definitely trust by the notorious international patent which we proudly claim for quality guarantee. That is what makes us mainly to be unique on the market. The patent is the result after many years of researches that we carried out in order to conceive covering products as an answer to the people’s needs. All the troubles related to the weather changes are now left in the past with our covers. A new way of living is ongoing. The comfort will conquer you. The style will gain your soul.

Pergola is made to cover small places as well as medium and big surfaces.

Our modern product is activated in a modern way. This product is up to date in the new technology with the telescopic feature and the way it is operated. It can be manual or motorized. You can chose to use an automatic mechanism and simply press a button for open and close.

Down to pieces, we can state each component is made of high quality material from best producer on the market. We can prove their quality with certifies internationally recognized.

So, be safe with safe products! We take care of your protection.

Litra product is the one to chose.

Source: http://www.specialawnings.com